Isla de Gran Capon || Capones Island

I have been at anawangin several times and every time I intend to unwind and or personally touring a group. I would want to view the mesmerizing beauty of “Isla de Gran Capon” (called during the Spanish era) known nowadays as Capones Island.

The said island is one of the most famous islands in Luzon. It boasts of its white sand 11675_10151598342256416_2070411918_nbeaches conducive for overnight camping (if you’re a cowboy perse), day picnic and swimming. Even photographers and viedeographers are hitting this place to conduct a pre nuptial shoot. WOW!

One will surely notice a long stair-like structure once you’re at the shore. Imagine climbing the stairs leading you to a cliff-like area and be awed of its magnificent view of the sea and the rocky cove you just came from (check out our short avp at the bottom of this post). Continue reading Isla de Gran Capon || Capones Island

El Makina || Jann Mari Nayre

In my recent experience with the Philippine Team (Tatap). I met these two, Jann Mari and Glendo Nayre. Chat, ate, laugh, sleep and travel with them and I’m honored to be with them for quite some time. And yes, I saw their games especially their battle for championship.

Yap, its a battle against two brothers under Open Category for the said “1st Gov. Cherry Umali & Boyong-Boyong “Panday” Dizon Open Table Tennis”. A generous Php30,000.00 for the champion, Php20,000.00 for 1st place then Php15,000.00 for 2nd place and for 3rd placer, Php10,000.00. Held last 27-28 May 2016 at Umali Gym, Guimba Nueva Ecija,

This was a no brother game at all.
The 1st set was rather intense game. Glendo (elder brother) almost had it but the younger brother is like a machine ( as Sir Ting puts it) and got the 1st set. Score is 11,9. Not at easy one for either of the two.

Jann Mari (left) , Glendo (right)

Second set came and the younger is ahead by 4 points ( 8,4 ) but kuya don’t want to give up and gave his younger brother a hard back hand puting it down to 8,5. Meanwhile Jann Mari continues to lead with his eye piercing spins from 9,6 to 10,6. Continue reading El Makina || Jann Mari Nayre

1st Gov. Cherry Umali & Boyong-Boyong “Panday” Dizon Open Table Tennis

Held last 27-28 May 2016 at Umali Gym, Guimba Nueva Ecija, the very 1st Gov. Cherry Umali & Boyong-Boyong “Panday” Dizon Open Table Tennis.

Over 500 participants  (including yours truly) from different provinces and regions in the country joined the said event.  This is the 1st that I attended, where meals (even snacks) and accommodations are free. Awesome!

Our Philippine Team where there as well to support the said event headed by Mr Ting Ledesma, President of TATAP (Table Tennis Association of the Philippines.

I tell you,  it’s one of a kind especially because of Jeco. Dahil makakabunutan na! Hahahaha

Video below is not mine. Proper credit is noted therein.

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